What is Triple Helix Healing?

What is Triple Helix Healing?

Triple Helix Healing offers a holistic approach to those systems that are the bedrock of the body. This holistic healing technique is designed to treat the whole individual, mind, body, and emotions of the patient. It believes that all illness begins from a physical point of origin in the patient’s physical being.

In Triple Helix Healing, energy is described as a circuit, or spiral, that begins at the smallest points on the physical body and extends outward. These energy centers or vortexes contain energy fields that are radiating out from their points of origin. The practitioner will focus his or her attention on these energy fields, known as “vortices”, and using touch or light pressure, move them around the patient’s body in the direction of the trouble areas. As these vortices heal themselves, the area becomes less painful, less stiff, and begins to regain its original health.

This healing process takes time. Practitioners may spend several sessions working on a single area of the patient’s body. However, practitioners often find it helpful to continue this treatment for weeks or even months on end. The process works gradually, allowing the patient to build upon the foundation of his physical body, mind, and spirit, over the course of many months. Many patients also find that their symptoms lessen during this time. Although this is not a fast or overnight process, it is realistic in that it does take time for this type of therapy to restore health to a physical body.

Practitioners who practice Triple Helix Healing believe that an energy field, also called a “web” of vital energy, is responsible for physical, mental, and emotional health. To repair these web fields, the practitioner uses tools such as acupuncture, massage, Reiki, or visual therapies. Triple Helix Healing attempts to stimulate and strengthen these fields in the patient’s body, thereby boosting physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

In theory, this type of healing attempts to rebalance and balance the energy flow within the physical body. According to the Triple Helix website, the body consists of seven “spheres,” each associated with a particular color. Practitioners believe that by working on any particular sphere while focusing on that color, that the energy within that sphere will be restored and balanced.

Practitioners of Triple Helix Healing use their hands to apply pressure on specific areas of the patient’s body. The goal is to relieve pain, restore energy flow, or balance the energy flow within the physical body. Practitioners claim that the treatment has positive benefits that extend beyond restoring perceived pain, but that those benefits are more intangible and enduring. Many practitioners see improvement in their overall health and sense of well being after only one session. A person’s attitude toward his or her health can become much more positive after treatment.

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