What is Socially Conscious Investing?

What is Socially Conscious Investing?

In a world that has become more socially aware, socially conscious investors are looking for more creative ways to put their money to work in order to benefit their families. Socially conscious investing, environmental investing, socially friendly investing and green investing are all ways that investors are trying to get a piece of the action with these times. All of them involve trying to identify areas where money can be made and ways to make an impact while making investments. As a matter of fact, the focus on a variety of areas has led to a rise in the number of investors who are willing to participate in various investment opportunities. Visit here for more information about epiphanyfunds.com.

Socially conscious investing is an investment strategy that seeks to think of social/environmental/sustainable well-being as good enough to attract both positive financial returns and socially driven social change considered beneficial by supporters. There are many different kinds of socially conscious investing such as investing in projects that aim to clean up the environment or in companies who are dedicated to using environmentally friendly methods. However, the most successful socially conscious investors are those who have a combination of both green investing and environmentally focused investing.

Socially conscious investing is based around a couple of strategies. The first is to find investments in areas that have been highlighted as being socially responsible by some government agencies or by non-profit organizations. Examples of such organizations include: The United Way of Greater Cincinnati, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Better Business Bureau. While these organizations have helped to improve the status quo in a given area, some investors might be motivated by a belief in social responsibility beyond what these organizations have done.

Socially active investing also involves looking into investments in companies that have been involved in social activism or who are known to have made some sort of contribution to the community through volunteering or donating. One example of this type of socially focused investing might be in a company that is known to have a very socially friendly corporate culture or a group of employees that are interested in promoting environmental initiatives. When it comes to investing in socially focused organizations, there are several organizations to choose from including The Giving Back Fund, the Green Building Council, and The Environmental Funding Partnerships Program.

Socially conscious investing can also include looking into organizations that seek to use technology and the internet in a way that benefits the environment. These could be companies that are actively engaging in sustainability projects, start-up companies, or research and development. Another good example of a socially focused organization might be a company whose products or services are developed by an indigenous group of people. An example of socially aware investing that is more focused on technology might include the use of digital technologies in the design and production of a product or service that can be used in a sustainable manufacturing process instead of an environmentally hazardous process. Finally, socially responsible investing might involve looking into companies that have made a substantial commitment to making products that are environmentally responsible as opposed to simply marketing products that are considered “green.”

Socially conscious investing is a way of putting your money to work for you. While it is not always easy to make a difference in the world and make an impact, socially focused investing offers opportunities for both financial and emotional rewards.

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