What Does an Ice Cream Shop Insurance Cover?

What Does an Ice Cream Shop Insurance Cover?

An Ice Cream Shop is a very important part of any community. If an ice cream shop were to lose its business all together it would certainly impact the neighborhood because everyone will go out of their way to go to that ice cream shop. In order to be certain your business will be OK in an area that you serve, it’s important to get an ice cream shop insurance policy.

One of the most important things an Ice Cream Shop Insurance policy must cover is that of injuries. If someone gets hurt inside your establishment, this coverage will help pay for their medical bills and pain. This can include but is not limited to, whiplash from a fall, or a broken arm. A broken hip is also another risk covered by an Ice Cream Shop Insurance policy. Any injuries to customers or employees can also result in a claim being made on your car insurance policy.

Another risk covered by an Ice Cream Shop Insurance policy is property damage. This coverage can protect your ice cream shop from damage due to fires caused by customers or other people who have set things on fire inside your store. It can also protect your property from vandalism and theft. If you have breakable windows or doors inside your ice cream parlor, then this coverage will definitely be needed. If you have equipment that’s valuable such as a cash register or inventory, then special coverage will be needed.

Also included with your ice cream shop insurance are two other risks that can have a huge impact on your business. One risk is liability. If you allow your customers to purchase alcoholic beverages from your store without obtaining a liquor license yourself, then you are considered a public alcohol vendor and are liable for any injuries or accidents that happen while you’re off-site running your business. Your liability coverage will protect you against this risk.

Another risk covered by your ny ice cream parlor insurance is business auto exposures. If your business has customers who take their cars into the parlor for repairs or other services, then liability coverage will protect your business against liabilities that result from negligent car servicing. This can include injuries, damages to property, and medical expenses.

The final type of risk covered by your insurance is premises liability. This protects you if something happens to your premises, like flooding, storm damage, vandalism, or robbery. Most policies don’t specify which elements comprise “permissible” premises, so it’s up to you to decide whether your building is a candidate for coverage. Some examples of acceptable premises include trailers, tents, tables, hot tubs, kiosks, stands, restrooms, and concession stands. However, if your entire establishment is destroyed in a flood or vandalized, then the policy will provide coverage for your physical repairs.

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