Registered Representative & Insurance Agent ROBERTA BAR

Registered Representative & Insurance Agent ROBERTA BAR

Backup lighting should be automatically activated in the event of a power outage. Chairs, particularly bar stools, should be regularly checked for cracks and fatigue. Guests must not be permitted to climb on top of chairs, stools, bars, or tables. Parking lots and sidewalks need to be in good repair, with snow and ice removed, and generally level and free of exposure to slips and falls. If your bar is located in a flood zone, you may need additional coverage for flood damage and loss occurring due to high water. If your bar is home to a brawl, then you might be held liable, since it can be argued that you failed to keep patrons safe.

The issue is, that alcohol can impair the judgment of the consumer and if your business is serving it, you must be prepared for what may happen next. Restaurants, clubs, taverns, and bars that serve alcohol in any form, including wine, beer, and spirits could end up footing the bill for damages done by an inebriated patron. There are major differences in the food service business and the very different exposures they present. There are many specific types of restaurants to cater to individual needs and tastes. There are several main commercial insurance classifications for food services click to know more

We have some of the best places on the planet and such a wide range of foods, cuisine, and atmospheres. You could eat out for an entire year and choose a different place each night if you wanted. When you run an eating establishment here, you need restaurant insurance that covers all your business needs and risks.

If both licensed attorney and spouse are covered as members, neither may insure the other as spouse. Download your Group 20-Year Level Term Life Insurance Application from the Forms section of this site and follow the instructions. Remember, only eligible State Bar of California licensed attorneys may apply. At The Murray Group Insurance and Financial Services, we strive to provide a true, concierge client experience that is unique in the insurance industry.

Establishments that sell or serve liquor or other alcoholic beverages also need liquor liability coverage. While most businesses share some common insurance needs, when you run a bar or a tavern, you face unique risks. Insureon’s licensed agents typically recommend purchasing a business owner’s policy, which bundles general liability insurance with commercial property insurance at a discounted rate. A BOP protects your business property along with covering common business risks.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance (“WC”) is required by New York State for all employees. Be sure that your ‘independent contractors’ are employees, otherwise, you can be heavily fined for not ensuring them under your WC policy. WC insurance provides coverage to employees if they are hurt in a job-related accident.

Our goal is to provide more insurance for the dollar than any of our competitors. Business income insurance with an extended period should be a must for any bar or tavern owner. In both bars and taverns, the customers and regulars tend to be very loyal.

This means that the sales that those entertainment activities generate must be broken out and rated separately from the sale of food and drink. If you are thinking about starting up a business in NY, you need to have an understanding of the status of the state, regarding its economy. It’s also important to know about the insurance requirements for business owners in the Empire state. Premises liability exposures are high due to public access to the premises and the serving of alcoholic beverages, which can impair motor abilities and increase the likelihood of trips, slips, or falls.

That being said, a major loss that shuts down your business for an extended period can cause those regulars to find a new favorite place to hang out. A good NY business insurance program for bar and tavern owners most certainly includes business income insurance. The New York State Insurance Law and regulations promulgated thereunder do not require owners of establishments that sell alcohol at retail for consumption on the premises, such as bars, to obtain liquor liability insurance. Nor is the Department aware of any such requirement under any other law of this state. The Department’s Office of General Counsel (“OGC”) has previously opined that a general liability policy issued to a tavern owner may exclude coverage for liquor liability.

Section members receive the Torts, Insurance, and Compensation Law Section Journal and the Construction & Surety Law Division’s newsletter, Deconstruction, as a benefit of membership. Insurance products are subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. The Department of Financial Services supervises many different types of institutions. Supervision by DFS may entail chartering, licensing, registration requirements, examination, and more. Broad coverages are designed for your industry and tailored to your standards. Protection and defense from claims and lawsuits, even when you are not at fault.

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