How To Install A Rose And Glass Dome Light

How To Install A Rose And Glass Dome Light

You can create a beautiful outdoor setting by mounting your LED display panels in a glass dome. This is a great way to bring natural light into an area and show off your favorite flowers. You will need the following items. A clear glass rose and glass dome, some screws and bolts, a long wire, and a pair of pliers. Instructions are provided.

Easy to Assemble: STEP 1: Take out the clear glass rose from the wooden stand. STEP 2: Using a screwdriver to remove the LED light cover from the rose bulbs. (Careful – there are small screws here). Now, using the long wire, connect the end of the wire to the side of the rose bulb. Now twist this wire to its terminal connection point on the back of the rose bulb. Make sure you secure the wire to the rose bulbs.

Now you need to connect the other end of the wire to the other side of the dome. Twist the wire to its terminal connection and attach the wire to the bulb. The last step is to attach the wires to the screws provided.

Your finished project should consist of a beautiful garden sculpture. To make your rose lamp look like a real flower you can paint it with silicone spray paint. This is the easiest method to paint rose bulbs. Just stick the rose bulb into the paint and carefully maneuver it around until the paint coats the entire rose. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can start replacing the bulbs inside the rose holder.

Care for your new garden light: The glass panels can accumulate dust or debris that can hinder the light from shining through. To clean the glass panels of your rose holder, use an old toothbrush and a small amount of water. Wet the area with the toothbrush and gently rub the dirt off the glass. The best way to clean the glass is with water. Once the glass is clean and free from dirt you can place it in the sunlight to dry. Let us know more about this by clicking on the given link

Installing your rose and glass dome is not difficult but you should be careful while installing the lights. This type of dome contains two halves that flip side-by-side when you lift the bulbs. The clips are supposed to face up when the dome is upside down. You should place the dome in the sun for at least ten minutes prior to installing the bulbs. It would be better if you can set up the dome during the day.

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