Have Fun Free Online Games With Your Friends

Have Fun Free Online Games With Your Friends

In this age of social distancing people seem to have forgotten what real, fun, free online games are all about. They are becoming more like electronic versions of the bingo clubs where you bet your friends that you will beat them, or fruit-based virtual farming games where you plant trees and harvest fruits to sell for money on the Internet. But free online games can be fun and rewarding if you know how to play and participate.

One of the best online social games is a fun game called Super Easy Word Search (SOW). SOW is a fun time-waster and at the end of it you will have an option to either win a prize or continue to the next until you run out of words. This sounds easy enough, but when you play SOW you can get scores up to a whopping one million words. Sounds like a big score, right?

Another great free online social slot game that pits you against your friends is Scrabble go. If you have never played Scrabble go, it is an addictive game of word elimination where you attempt to create words from a group of words that another player has placed into a square, sometimes using a grid of 16 different colors. You make points by finding the closest word to each of your opponent’s words and you lose points if you happen to draw a word that your friend has already drawn.

You can’t just play SOW and expect to win, though. It’s best to prepare your mind so that you can use strategic thinking and critical analysis skills to win. To do that, you need to understand how to think like an expert, which is where we turn to the best fun free games on the internet. The Wall Street Journal, as we all know, is one of the leading sources of news on the web. It’s free to register and it gives you access to real-time quotes and news around the clock.

Here’s another one of the best parts about this great online free games: the daily top news stories. News of the day usually includes a few snags along the way, so it’s your job to dissect the information and find out what the big deal is. For instance, a recent story concerned how some online marketing companies were manipulating search engines to give them higher rankings in search engine results. This, obviously, is not a good thing. You can spot the relevant portions of the story and make comments about it, or you can get ready for your next comment, knowing what the big deal is going on now and what you should be expecting in the future.

Carrom pool is another game you can play with your buddies online that will help you loosen up and have fun. Set up a table with cups and balls, invite your buddies, and enjoy a good carrom pool party. Before you know it, you’ll have some real good time in your life, and the right thing to do is get online right away and play free games online for your buddies.

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