Dozens of specialist firms now market fake grass as a replacement for garden lawns.

Dozens of specialist firms now market fake grass as a replacement for garden lawns.

With our team at Artificial Grass Direct to guide you, you will not go wrong with your purchase. We are always happy to help so please get in touch if you need any assistance regarding choosing the right Kunstgras kopen for your new garden lawn. Our artificial grass company has been in the business for more than a decade, which means we have the expertise that it takes to deliver the right product at the right price for any sort of requirement.

And even if you don’t, fake grass wants to be raked occasionally to look its best. There is no app for that, but we do provide a special rake with every installation. Dozens of specialist firms now market fake grass as a replacement for garden lawns. UK sales surged during last year’s record summer temperatures, according to the industry journal Hortweek, while a report by Up Market Research valued the global market at $2.5bn (£2bn) in 2016 and forecasts a “staggering” rise to $5.8bn by 2023.

Some cricket pitches are made of synthetic grass or of a hybrid of mostly natural and some artificial grass, with these “”hybrid pitches”” having been implemented across several parts of the United Kingdom and Australia. The first synthetic turf cricket field in the USA was opened in Fremont, California in 2016. The first professional American football team to play on artificial turf was the Houston Oilers, then part of the American Football League, who moved into the Astrodome in 1968, which had installed AstroTurf two years prior. In 1969, the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field in Philadelphia, at the time also home field of the Philadelphia Eagles, switched from grass to AstroTurf, making it the first National Football League stadium to use artificial turf.

Depending on how thorough you need to be, you can brush your synthetic lawn with a broom or use a leaf blower to remove debris. Use weed killer to get rid of any unwanted vegetation, and apply a specialist artificial grass cleaner. If you’ve received your delivery and want to know how to install artificial grass, please read the following instructions that apply to your install. The artificial turf we sell is not that of the Astroturf brand. As a result of our bulk buying capacity and direct dealings with the manufacturer, we are able to offer all artificial turf grasses at a bargain price.

Unlike Royal Grass, Evergreens UK doesn’t market itself as eco-friendly, a term Driver calls “a little bit misleading”, but he is keen to stress that his company’s products can be recycled. However, this can only be done at specialist plants in Europe and it is doubtful that many customers would go the extra mile. Netherlands v Sweden, Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019 semi-final at Stade de Lyon, France. The test equipment is also used to compare different methods of maintenance, e.g. behaviour of infill materials over time. We have our own modern production plant in Alajärvi, Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland, with highly qualified staff with considerable experience. Utilising cutting edge technology has enabled us to reduce our lead times and to optimise production efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

Both Pfautsch and Connor also highlight the risk of microplastics entering waterways from artificial turf. But while the fake grass might indeed be greener, at least in colour, its environmental impacts are difficult to gloss over. If you want your commercial artificial turf to be professionally installed, the best solution is to hire a certified installer who will install the turf properly.

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