About Microfiber Sheet

About Microfiber Sheet

You may be wondering about microfiber sheet covers and why you need to buy one. Most people think that these products are only good for linens and bedding. But the fact is that this sheet is also used for a lot of other purposes as well. Unlike ordinary sheets, microfibers aren’t naturally occurring; hence, they’re synthetically made out of different materials like polyester, rubber, wood powder or polyamides. So, in the following sections, shall be discussing on the advantages of microfibers over ordinary sheets as well as micro fiber beddings.

Cotton has been used as the primary material for bed sheets and bed coverings for decades now. However, with the rising cost of cotton and the environmental pollution that result due to its cultivation, most people are switching to fiber. Fiber is the latest addition to the cloth industry and manufacturers have tried hard to create microfibre materials that can compete with cotton. Microfibers made of man made fiber can also provide superior comfort as compared to cotton. The reason behind this is that microfibers can hold and stretch as well as resist stains and moisture. Moreover, it can retain its crisp, clean and smooth look for a longer period of time.

While cotton is still the standard in most cases, micro fiber sheets are becoming a serious competitor with the likes of Southwestern University’s high quality urban hut cotton sheets. The urban hut cotton sheets are noted for their high quality and comfort. These sheets are made of natural cotton fiber and offer outstanding results and long-lasting comfort. It is because of the excellent results that the popularity of these sheets has grown like wildfire.

The sheets are made of ultra-light and highly breathable polyamide that helps in maintaining body temperature even during hot summer days. This helps in keeping you cool during the day and at night, where sheets remain cool on the body due to their ability to trap air and keep you warm throughout the night. The sheets come in many different varieties such as flat cotton weave, full pillow, flat flannel, fitted and even cotton drill. All these sheets are manufactured by some of the well known and reliable names in the business such as Krome, Atlantic, Farrahm and Gildan.

The reason behind this is that microfibers deliver superior comfort and softness unlike cotton sheets which are known for their hard, scratchy texture. These sheets can be washed even with a mild detergent and are also very easy to dry. In addition to all these benefits, a major benefit of micro fiber sheets is that they can absorb many times their weight in water, thereby eliminating the need to buy dryer sheets often. Microfiber sheets are soft, comfortable and very easy to care for making them highly preferred choice among customers. The manufacturers also offer washable soft microfiber sheets for those customers who prefer to have sheets that can be washed repeatedly. Click here for more information about microfiber sheets vs cotton.

Another major benefit of the microfibers is that they can have a better compression strength that can keep the sheet in place for longer periods of time. Microfiber sheet is made up of thread count ranging from thirty thousand to ninety thousand that ensures good quality performance. However, there are certain factors that should be taken care of while storing the sheet. You should not store the sheet in an upright position and should ensure that the sheet is not exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture or direct sunlight. Also avoid storing the sheet directly on its side as the result will be a heavy scratching effect on the sheet.

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